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Daniel Seddiqui

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Daniel Seddiqui

The World’s Most Ambitious Job Seeker


Daniel Seddiqui is known as the World’s Most Ambitious Job Seeker, yet has been named by USA Today as the Most Rejected Person in the World.  Failing more than 40 consecutive job interviews and sending out 18,000 emails seeking a job after college graduation, this young buck embraced 5,000 more rejections with his goal of finding and working 50 Jobs in 50 States.

When it seemed like the world turned against him, Daniel was out to prove he was worthy of it all.  He looked past his economics degree from the University of Southern California and became everything from a weatherman in Ohio and a border patrol agent in Arizona, to a coal miner in West Virginia and a rodeo announcer in South Dakota.  

Daniel is now an international bestselling author, highly recommended speaker, tv/film producer, and director of an innovative career exploration college program, in which students have the opportunity to experience a rapid prototyping of work and culture.  This program is internationally recognized and used by many colleges.  He is the founder of Living the Map, which raises awareness of the varying cultures, careers, and environments across America through outreach, educational endeavors, and community building.  Daniel encourages everyone to explore the world around them, to understand and respect one another and to make continuous discoveries to better themselves. Putting his economics degree to use, Daniel researches how unemployment affects communities in various ways, as he addresses each social issue or epidemic first-hand.  

Daniel has been featured on many national and international media outlets, such as CNN, Fox News, BBC, Sky News, O Globo, NPR, Today Show, Associated Press, AFP, MSN, Yahoo!, C-SPAN, World News Tonight, Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, Weather Channel, TIME, and Newsweek, just to name a few.  Daniel has earned his spot as a job seeking expert and cultural analyst contributor.  His story is featured in a million textbooks worldwide and his book has been used as a common reader in classrooms around the world.  The concept 50 Jobs in 50 States is in current development for a feature film and television drama series.   

Daniel enjoys staying competitive with long distance running, a sport he was a nationally ranked collegiate athlete at the University of Oregon and USC and successful Division 1 collegiate coach.   He’s training for the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil for the marathon.