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Gabriella Opaz

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Gabriella Opaz

Communication Expert , Award-Winning Author


Entrepreneur | Communication Expert | Improv Consultant | Award-Winning Author | Inspirational Speaker on the Human Connection

Originally from Chicago, Gabriella is an award winning speaker and author on the the topic of The Human Connection. For over a decade, she has managed one of the top Digital Wine Communication Conferences, and has run trainings internationally on effective communication through writing, public speaking, presenting and dialogue. Gabriella has a Masters in Education focused specifically on alternative learning and communication, and a degree in Intercultural Communication. Gabriella is also the co-founder of: Catavino.net; Vrazon.com; Born Digital Wine Awards and the Digital Wine Communications Conference.

Topics: Improv - Human Connection - Communication

Languages: English - Portuguese

Storytelling is Gabriella Opaz' oxygen. It’s the driving force behind everything she does. As an award-winning speaker and writer, she uses stories to create a human connection between worlds that would otherwise never converge. It’s how she helps people be seen, heard and loved!

We often believe that facts and figures are what constitute quality business and education - that a flip-chart is more professional than a personal anecdote, or that an hour long monologue is more respected than a short, meaningful dialogue. Unfortunately, without meaningful context or an emotional connection, the information presented is not only boring, but lost within seconds. Humans need an emotional connection to care. As a researcher storyteller, Gabriella has travelled the world looking for the key ingredients to bring people together. From the provocative toasts sung around the table of Georgian feast to the visceral treading of grapes in the Douro Valley, connection happens when we share experiences.

As an Improv Consultant, Gabriella helps businesses cultivate an atmosphere of trust, risk-taking, creativity, authenticity, team-building and effective communication. According to Gabriella, “Too often, we’re staring at the person in front of us, nodding our head in agreement while paying absolutely no attention to what the person (or audience) is saying. Our mind isn’t connected to our body. To succeed in improv, we must be present in the moment, listening carefully, and contributing freely.”  

Gabriella Opaz’ recently published book, "The Undiscovered Food Stories of Northern Portugal," brings light to a century of Portuguese grandmother stories threatened to be lost by political unrest and the disappearance of human heritage. Internationally, she's run trainings on effective communication and connection through writing, public speaking, presenting and dialogue, as well as being a TEDx consultant and Toastmaster Mentor. Gabriella has a Masters in Education focused specifically on alternative learning and communication models, and a degree in Intercultural Communication.