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JP Pawliw Fry

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JP Pawliw Fry

Leadership and Performance Expert

Dr. J.P. Pawliw-Fry is a thought leader on the subjects of leadership, performance and managing change. He is a performance coach to Olympic athletes and business leaders. He melds state-of-the-art research with powerful inspiration to create thought-provoking and moving keynote presentations. An expert in emotional intelligence, he is one of the world's most highly sought-after speakers on the topic.

Change • Emotional Intelligence • Leadership • Motivation • Peak Performance


Dr. J.P. Pawliw-Fry is the President and Co-founder of the Institute for Health & Human Potential http://ihhp.com/keynotes.htm , is a world renowned speaker on the topic of Emotional Intelligence.
IHHP is a world leader in developing and delivering unique training programs in Emotional Intelligence to Increase Performance and Leadership. IHHP will deliver their work on four continents this year to a variety of organizations including: US Navy, Hostess Frito-Lay, Merck, Eli Lilly, Pfizer, Novartis, Mercedes, RBC, Coors, Labatt's, John Hancock Insurance, Alcan, the US Government, Boston Consulting Group and many others.

Dr. Pawliw-Fry is also a highly sought after speaker on leadership and performance. As well as being one of the highest rated lecturers at the Kelloggs' Graduate School of Management Executive Education Program, he has received acclaim for his work in personal leadership with sales organizations, leadership retreats, and motivational seminars across the world.

Last year he reached audiences in places such as England, Greece, India, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Australia.

His training includes Queen's University, Harvard Medical School's Mind Body Medical Institute, and The University of Massachusetts Medical Center. J.P. has recently become a contributing columnist for Call Center Magazine and The Economic Times (second highest circulation newspaper in the world). 
J.P.'s high-content and enormously inspiring leadership presentations include a fascinating multimedia show and leave audiences with something different: strategies that they can implement the very next day to make a real difference. 

Most Popular Keynotes:

A. THE OLYMPIC EDGE: The One Thing You Need to Know to Get to the Next Level of Performance!
Is your team up to Olympic standards? Do they want to play at the highest levels in the world? Do they know the secret?

Challenge your team to get to the next level of performance with a riveting keynote from someone who knows what it takes to win at the Olympics. Dr. J.P. Pawliw-Fry offers something truly different - knowledge of what allows some individuals to get to the highest level of performance, and the ability to deliver this message in a way that leaves audiences wanting more. He has both coached athletes to Olympic glory and taught leadership to executives at the number one ranked executive education program in the world (Northwestern's Kellogg Graduate School of Management). In other words, he studies athletes and business people at the highest levels of success and delivers a message that incorporates the best of both worlds to help your team achieve your own Olympian victory.

In this powerful keynote, your team will discover:
The one thing that differentiates Olympic winning performance from the average
How to adopt the mind-set that characterizes success at the highest levels
How to manage the need for results and the pressure of time to perform at the higher levels more consistently.
How to build 'team', the most overlooked part of the success equation.
How to create habits of excellence that your team can use the very next day, so that they can...
Perform under pressure and win!

Leaders who are managing in an environment of high tension with a need for results
Sales people who are driving growth with a desire to achieve more than they ever have
B. REDEFINING LEADERSHIP: What Highly Effective Leaders Do
Many factors have been attributed to great leadership. In this riveting keynote, you’ll discover the secrets of the best!

Senior executives will learn key strategies to move their teams to the next level and how to select and retain the best and brightest.

EQuip your organization with an edge. Discover why Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the single greatest driver not only of effective leadership, but of performance at all levels of an organization. It is Personal Leadership throughout the organization that will allow you to outperform the competition.
C. PLAYING BIG: What Great Leaders do to Sustain Performance in Uncertain Times
Most organizations, as they are currently managed, are unsustainable. While there are a myriad of contributing external factors, the principle reason is internal: most leaders play the wrong game. They focus on outcome, what happens to them and getting things done. They play small. Not only does this sabotage short term results but it impacts an organizations two key sustainability factors: retaining best and brightest talent and winning at customer loyalty. In this powerful presentation, you will learn what drives sustainable performance and how you can get your team to perform at their best in the moment and consistently at a high level over the long term.

You will learn:
The principle reason well-intentioned leaders play small – and how that drives away their best performers and diminishes ‘loyalty behavior’ of their best customers
The three pillars of Playing Big™
Case studies of great leaders and athletes who Played Big in the face of difficult circumstances to win
How to lead others to Play Big™ to drive sustainable performance
D. YOU CAN'T STOP THE WAVES BUT YOU CAN LEARN TO SURF! Tools to Thrive in Turbulent Times
Why do some organizations and individuals falter during times of uncertainty while others thrive in chaos and find ways to adapt?

Is it our IQ or technical skills that gets us through those times - or our ability to keep it together and manage ourselves intelligently?

Discover how EQ differentiates high performers from others in turbulent times. Your team will walk away with tools to outperform the competition during uncertainty.
E. THE MOTIVATION MYTH: High Performance Sales is Not Driven by Motivation But by Managing Setbacks Effectively
All sales people are not created equally! If 20% of your sales force brings in 80% of the business, what then differentiates the high-performers from the average?

In this fascinating keynote, Dr. Pawliw-Fry draws from cutting-edge research and his work with Olympic medallists, professional athletes and high performing sales teams around the globe. Discover the definitive edge that will drive sales performance - and the business.
F. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: The Powerful Lever of High Performance
Organizations around the world are looking for an edge – how to get to the next level of performance. After researching and working with organizations on four continents– including the NHL. NBA, and US Navy - Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry and his team of researchers have identified the one thing that matters more than any other for organizations interested in sustained performance - retention of talented people. In this powerful keynote, you will learn why your best and brightest leave and why they stay – at the heart is the intelligent management of emotions.
Research is clear that some people handle stress better than others and are more resilient in the face of change and uncertainty. What is clear is that this more resilient group was not born with special traits or abilities – they acquired them. In this powerful new keynote, your team will learn how to acquire the critical tools of dealing with stress and uncertainty so that they can sustain performance and increase happiness, even in these difficult times.

Through this engaging keynote, JP will introduce your team to:
The key attributes and mindset that characterize highly resilient people.
The three traps that can sabotage their best intention, causing them to lose focus and confidence.
The two tools that will help them be the ‘calm person in the boat’, taking charge of what they can control and letting go of what they cannot.
How to be a more positive force in the organization, ‘lifting’ others around them as opposed to bring them down.
H. THE POWER OF PURPOSE: Finding Your Unique Ability
J. EQ COACHING FOR KIDS: Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children
K. MANAGING EMOTIONS: The Key to Building High Performance Teams